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AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING (plus a weekly summary)








I have never had to fiddle with a WordPress blog as much as I have with this one, and it’s not even done yet. My goal is to have everything bright and shiny and just the way I like it by Monday afternoon. We’ll see how that goes.

The purpose of this post is supposed to be introductory, so HI THERE! Check out my about page for more on the blog specifically, if you’re so inclined (or if you’re a professor and want to see the links to the rest of my accounts for this class). As far as introducing myself, I’m Haley, a senior (HOLYCRAPIMADEIT) at the University of Mary Washington, my Twitter handle is haley_exe and my my favorite brainfood is webcomics. I have a print on my wall by Kevin Bolk that’s all about butts and I am nurturing a growing addiction to hyperlinks. I’m also considering going to grad school for all this spiffy new media stuff, so I’d love suggestions for programs to look into. I’m also considering going in for poetry. Or maybe extreme underwater basketweaving. Or all three.

Preliminaries well and truly done with, BEHOLD! My very first Daily Create.

This week I felt:


When they tell you that ds106 is no cakewalk, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. Listen to Them, for They are wise in the ways of the Interwebs and have suffered through much to come by Their wisdom. Fortunately They are also very accurate in saying that if you push through and work your butt off, you’ll catch on and do fine. Although I began the week pretty freaked out over all the info I was supposed to keep track of, I think I’ve got my feet more or less under me now.

I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t have the time to do more Daily Creates, and only managed to produce the one that was required. That’s going to have to change going forward, mostly through better time management. It also helps to read instructions so you don’t end up spending two and a half hours editing a 10-minute assignment. :/ Derp. I’ll definitely be posting my edited Keychain video once I get the chance, though, because my goal with the first version was to emulate the tightly-edited, quick-cut-to-next-phrase style of some of the most popular vlogs out there. It was a challenge to replicate the feel of those videos, but I’m pleased with the results and I’d love to get some feedback.

The only problem with that is Apogee internet access, which has speeds that are comparable to the flow of tar down a 20 degree slope during a particularly nasty Alaskan winter. I had to hie me to a friend’s apartment to upload my (significantly shortened) video, and it STILL took nearly forty minutes. Suggestions on how to circumvent this issue would be greatly appreciated (I’m thinking Simpson Library, perhaps).

Wow, this got pretty long. Hopefully my future summaries will be more succinct. I think I’ll make that a goal for my ds106 experience. I have to say, I am BEYOND thrilled for this class–it’s absolutely everything I love, and I can already tell it’s going to push my limits, test my creative mettle and stretch my boundaries. Can’t get much better than that.

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  1. I’m going to like this blog. No, I already do.

    You display a writing style that I am going to take a wild guess reflects you you are, I so like the conversational, fun, and playful tone here. Small things like your blog’s tag line. Keep writing like this (and hyperlinks, you can never link too much) and you have no worries.

    While we made it an assignment to use categories, you can certainly use tags to organize your content (I can guess what some of your other classes were based on your tagging style). Actually inside wordpress they are the same thing. Categories are a tad easier to integrate into most of the menus systems of themes (more on that next week)

    I like to see you make your own rules, this is your own blog space. And FWIW, you will likely never “Finish” tinkering with a blog, i am still at it after 10 years on WordPress.

    I’d suggest for daily creates, make it a challenge to do in shortest time possible; ideally it should be something that does not need any or much post editing (I break that rule all the time). It’s more about the *thinking* behind what you do, how you interpret the challenge, and how you write it up.

    I’ve got no answers in the slow internet; if there are places on campus to get a wired connection, that is usually faster.

    And I’m thrilled to have you and @doodle_muse and your other friends in the course. It will be fun.

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