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Verizon sucks, but the internet is here to help!

I’ve been griping recently about my phone, the LG-VN150 Revere, being unable to download images to my PC even though it came with a nifty little data cable. Turns out the phone’s not built with any kind of hardware-based data transfer capabilities–you have to use digital data transfers for everything, which ramps up your data charges, naturally.

Fortunately, the internet has come to my rescue! I found this nifty little tutorial for a program called BitPIM that can download files manually from your phone, and happily enough you can download it through CNet, an excellent source for all kinds of programs and a safe bet that whatever you’re downloading has been thoroughly vetted. Now I can actually DO some of these Daily Creates! HUZZAH!

The point, my darling ds106-ers? The internet has EVERYTHING in it. All you’ve gotta do is look, and if need be, ask for help. Good luck, and may the search bar be ever in your favor…

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