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Juxtaposition with feater and wire


For the Real Life to Cartoon Collage assignment, my brain immediately brought up the words “wire bird.” A couple of quick image searches brought me to the two pictures I wanted, and then it was just a matter of slapping them together in GIMP with a slightly opaque eraser tool. Voila! Collage, iconic  images, 4 stars to bring me up past the 10 I  need for the week (I should have twelve now, actually. What? Overachiever? Nnnooooo, why on Earth would you say that?).

The original image I used for this project was this photo of a wire bird sculpture by Michael Van Hout:



















The idea of sculpting avain forms with wire is nothing new, nor is the idea of depicting  birds in art. As a species we’re kind of obsessed with them, actually. There’s something about the grace and freedom of a bird in flight, the way they perch and move, that has fascinated artists and storytellers since… uh, forever, basically.

Using wires to suggest the image of a bird strikes me as one of the best ways to interpret them. Birds have very distinct lines and contours, but symbolically they are light, more part of the wind than riding it. Creating a wire form conveys all of these things with a great deal of subtlety and grace.

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