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Tumblr could articulate this feeling

It would probably say something like this: LFHIESHLGFHSLKDHGLJHFSLKJselhflwherf3wlieffjksldhfiewlek I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN

First up, My Design Safari…

These are the four images I took to capture different elements of design: unity, typography, color and dominance, respectively.





I had a great deal of fun taking this pictures, all told. There are actually three or four others sitting on my hard drive that I chose not to use (mostly because the photos themselves were kinda crappy). The thing that this activity made abundantly clear was that design is not simply the act of arranging visual elements on a 2D surface—as humans we design everything in our environments, even to the point of reorganizing nature into more predictable patterns. Balance is paramount to the universal sense of aesthetic, and when it’s omitted in favor of asymmetry what we’re reacting favorably to is not the asymmetry itself, but a lack of balance. SO COOL. I loved that I got to pull in a little bit of the knowledge I’ve picked up from my Dad, who’s an architect, to complete this assignment.

Moving right along, if I’m being honest this week my Daily Creates and the Radio Show kind of fell by the wayside. Somehow I just got overwhelmed by everything else that was going on this week and even though I tired to budget time to do more for each (even if, in the case of the radio show, I was just planning on tinkering with the script), it just didn’t happen. Part of the reason for that was the time I’d budgeted to complete my work getting eaten by computer problems or misreading directions, and part of it was just getting steamrollered by everything else I was doing this week, like winning an internship.

Even so, trying to parse Daily Create assignments in the context of design (still trying to sort through how the radio show fits in with that) was pretty nifty. I was extra aware of how each daily create assignment I completed had to do with taking up space in a visual sense, or how effective each one was at conveying a particular message. By the end of the week, I felt kind of overwhelmed by just how designed absolutely every man-made item in our lives is, from the walls around us to each fiber of carpet beneath our feet. It’s mind boggling to realize that someone had to draw up plans for all of that before any of it was physically manufactured.

That brings us to my 15 stars of design assignments for the week. Hooooooooooooooooooooo Nelly. If I didn’t hate GIMP before… but no, that’s not entirely fair. I am now WAY more familiar with GIMP that I ever was, and my confidence in using that program has skyrocketed over the past few days. It’s still not Photoshop and it’s a hell of a lot less intuitive that MyPaint or Paint Tool SAI, but being able to wrangle it into doing what I wanted made me feel awesomely competent. Even if I was late with like. Everything.

I started off with my ds106 Radio Bumper Sticker:


Moved on to my ill-fated by eventually completed Theif and the Cobbler movie trading card:

The Theif and the Cobbler Trading Card

And then dove into the light switch wall art assignment, which let me bust out my traditional medium art skills:

*cue James Bond theme*

I’m still really pleased with the way my Weird Book Cover came out:

It was a big hit with the botanists

Aaaaand of course, a bit of commentary on my life:

Procrastination Station

Finally, the pride and joy of my design week, my radio show poster:

A bit late for a radio...

Amazingly, despite how miserably late all of my life is right now, the biggest thing I took away from this week is that I am really good at design stuff. I have a pretty decent grasp of the elements that make up effective design, or at the very least I understand what’s not effective and I can think of ways to counter that. I’m not a pro designer by any means, but I’m really proud of some of the work I accomplished this week. DS106 has a tendency to do that; it forces you to realize you’re more capable than you expected yourself to be, and that’s great.

Well, more capable at making stuff, maybe. At keeping to deadlines? That still needs work.

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