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Geek in the Pink

Completing my “Normal to Extraordinary – IN PINK!” assignment was probably one of the easiest projects I’ve tackled this semester. It was also a ton of fun, and more relaxing than many of the assignments I’ve completed so far, which made it a nice way to begin my remix week.

To complete the assignment, I turned this normal (though extremely lovely) picture of my dear friend Erin…


… into this extraordinary (and very PINK!) Photoshopped version:


Like I said, this was a relaxing and fun assignment for the most part; I let myself be very free with the way I completed it, allowing the color and shape to dictate what I did instead of trying to wrangle something specific out of it. I uploaded the image into Photoshop and added a few layers over Erin’s original image, which served as the background.

I filled the layer directly above the background with a nice shade of fuchsia, then made the layer just transparent enough to tint the whole image. After that I drew in some lighter pink squiggles in a sort of artistic, surreal representation of the shadows in the image, and then I got out the big cool brushes. I decided to add in circles of pink, like halos or auras, to suggest the energy a musician puts into their work and the sound that is produced. I wanted to add a little bit of contrast in the image, so I made theĀ  swirly circle around her hand blue in order to draw the eye there. Finally, I added some layer effects to the circles around her head and hand to make them appear bright and glowing.

After a bit more fiddling with layers and transparency, and Extraordinarily PINK! Erin was ready for her internet debut.

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