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Hail, Quiz-Bearer!

Check it out! I created YET ANOTHER assignment, and for this one you get to make your own online quiz. Pretty nifty, huh?

Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the easier projects I completed for my final portfolio. The website I used to create the quiz, PollSnack, is exceedingly user-friendly, quite unlike some of the other online quiz services I used way back when.

The goal behind using this quiz as part of my project, and for the assignment as a whole, is to give anybody who takes the quiz a taste of what the characters are like without revealing too much about the overall plot. It’s supposed to function as a fun little taste of the story in a really easily digestable format. Each question reflects an important plot point or theme—Morgon actually does get attacked on the trader’s road, and his greatest struggle is reconciling his idea of himself with his destiny—and each answer gives you little hints about the characters. The most fun answers to write were definitely for Lyra, the headstrong young guard captain who relies on little more than her spear and her belligerence to get her through any situation she encounters.

If completed thoughtfully, this assignment could be used to tell stories in any number of ways. Students could take the route I chose, and reveal just enough about the source material for their quiz to get people interested, or they could use the progression of questions and answers to tell a completely unique story, like each question and set of answers slowly making less and less sense to convey a character who’s going insane. It’ll be interesting to watch this assignment from afar to see what students do with it, and how they incorporate it into bigger projects.

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