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SHE LIVES! OR: Haley has been playing way too much Skyrim

This has more or less been my life to date, both literally and digitally (yes, even the crazy bit where you freefall out of your house and into the sky. Some days have felt like that, anyway).

I’m coming up on the end of my internship at NANO Fiction (though not the end of my relationship with the journal; more on that front in September!) and despite nearly defenestrating my laptop several times thanks to the absurdity that is Adobe InDesign, I completed all four of the ebooks I was assigned with time to spare. It’s kind of crazy to know that a digital product I created (or packaged, at any rate) will be sold for actual money to actual people. Soon there will be sentient beings electing to dump their very own hard-earned cash on a thing that wouldn’t exist without me! Wild. Considering I’d never worked with InDeisgn before starting this project I think I can consider my “Summer of Awesome” goal thoroughly met.

The awesomeness in that arena came at the cost of maintaining my blog and participating in the DS106 Zone, true, but in the months to come I’m going to work with this space more. I’m starting my job search in earnest now, which should give me oodles to write about, and my research paper WILL end up on this site. Soon. Soon.

Writing in general is a thing that needs to happen more. I tried to motivate myself with the Daily 300 idea, but realized that much of my creative writing is on subjects that I’d mostly rather keep to myself (one of the pitfalls of throwing yourself into creative nonfiction). I’m learning to navigate the weirdnesses of community, privacy, and ownership as they relate to writing, both online and in meatspace, which is a tangle worth writing about all on its own. I’m glad, though, that I’m being pushed to write in genres that are easier to share publicly because of those intersections; that kind of growth is always a good thing. I may even start writing commentaries on stuff over here (currently dominating my brain: Welcome to Night Vale, Attack on Titan and Bioshock Infinite. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS THAT GAME IS DENSE).

So. I’ve got a paying job to find, a literary journal to grow into and a research paper to edit. I need to dedicate myself to writing every day. “Develop a studio practice,” as Asa Gable said. Cool beans. Let’s get started.


    • aetherbunny aetherbunny

      Thanks Crystal! It’s good to hear from you. 😀 I hope life’s been treating you well!

  1. I’m so pleased to hear what you have been up to! and eager to see you pick up the blog. I’ve added a tag so your posts will be part of the flow for the headless ds106 class tha tstarts Monday (don’t be late for class!)

    • aetherbunny aetherbunny

      SWEET! I’ll meet you in the comments section.

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