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About Aetherbunny

… the basic project of art is to make the world whole and comprehensible, to restore it to us in all its glory and its occasional nastiness, not through arguments, but through feeling, and then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you, and in this way to pass from feeling to meaning.
Robert Hughes

My name is Haley, and my online vigilante alter-ego is Aetherbunny. By day (and on Twitter) I’m known as haley_exe, and most of the meatspace hours that went into building this site were logged at the University of Mary Washington, where I earned a degree in creative writing. This blog showcases my work for my independent research project about emerging pedagogies in edtech and my accomplishments in ds106, an open-participation online course that’s all about making art, telling stories and utilizing every ounce of creativity in you (often through animated GIFs of misbehaving cats). I’m trying to revitalize this space as best I can between crafting a career, having something vaguely resembling a life and (hopefully) moving halfway across the country.

Here is a rare image of me in my natural habitat. Very few images of me have ever been captured because I rarely leave my lair, and when I do I generally dart between hedges to avoid detection:










What’s in a name?

Aether + Bunny = my slightly punny take on the myth of the rabbit who lives on the moon. My mom, being the daughter of a fighter pilot, grew up all over the world and spent much of her young childhood in Japan. While I was growing up she and my grandmother told me Japanese fairy tales and legends alongside more Western stories, so whenever I look up at the full moon I always see a rabbit with a mortar and pestle.

Come find me!
Youtube: aetherbunny2012
Twitter: haley_exe
Flickr: aether_bunny
Soundcloud: aether_bunny


  1. I knew that was you in the hedges! This is brilliant, you have got the ds106 ethos right away. And great work on your blog theme here, clean and fits the style.

  2. Wow….

    Just… wow…*applauds*

    I am now bookmarking your page and am very excited to see what comes creeping out of the depths of your creativity.

  3. Nice job setting the bar high — Keep the hits coming!

  4. aetherbunny aetherbunny

    Oh man, thanks everybody! 😀 Hopefully I can keep this up as the semester progresses.

  5. Hello!

    I’m grad I have an opportunity to connect with you via DS106. Like your blog, keep it up! Hope we will have a good collaboration during #phonar.


    • aetherbunny aetherbunny

      Thanks!! Feel free to stop by any time and say hi. I’ll check out your blog when I’m not at work haha.

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