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Category: ds106

Work I’ve done for my digital storytelling class, also called ds106

“Who is the star-bearer, and what will he loose that was bound?”

Although I didn’t quite complete the Iconic You assignment in the more minimalist spirit it was perhaps supposed to reflect, I am still SO. DARN. PROUD. of the work I did here. This might actually be my favorite project from the whole semester. I’m SO HAPPY with the balance here, the way I was able to add a little texture to the piece, and how nicely the emboss effect emphasized the design of the stars.

"What are three stars?"

Tutorials galore!

The following are my tutorials for the Movie Music Comparison assignment and the Movie Scenes That Changed Our Lives assignment, respectively. I’m trying out Vimeo because at this point YouTube can kiss my frustrated not-read-only downtime-hating tush, and you can quote me on that. I used the 30-day free trial of Camtasia to create both tutorials, which I would highly recommend for anyone creating screencast tutorials. That does come with a small caveat: it’s a hefty program, and it’ll run slowly if your computer isn’t especially powerful. I also couldn’t get the “Upload to YouTube” function to work, but I figure that’s a combination of my craptop’s age and my own incompetence. Anyway, on to the tutorials!’



Seriously, has someone else already made that pun? If I am the first person to do so I have lost a bit of faith in this class (or maybe gained it—it’s a pretty dumb pun).

Geek in the Pink

Completing my “Normal to Extraordinary – IN PINK!” assignment was probably one of the easiest projects I’ve tackled this semester. It was also a ton of fun, and more relaxing than many of the assignments I’ve completed so far, which made it a nice way to begin my remix week.

To complete the assignment, I turned this normal (though extremely lovely) picture of my dear friend Erin…


… into this extraordinary (and very PINK!) Photoshopped version:



I may have gone a little overboard on the Recycle the Media assignment. At least, I FEEL like I did. I probably spent… five hours? Six? More? trying to get this video to congeal and do what I wanted it to do. My problem was that I was inspired, and that always gets me in trouble. Oh well. I figure that since I’m including this in my 7 stars of remix assignments I have an excuse.