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Once upon a time…

… on a fairly new website, a blog post about storytelling started out with a ridiculously cliched title.

The author of said blog post squinted at the screen. An -ly adverb? I use way too many of those, she thought, that’s lazy writing right there. Augh! Did it again.

Typical, too, getting bogged down in ‘traditional’ storytelling format when there were scads of forms to choose from. Coolest thing about telling stories, right there–the form a story took could be tweaked, recreated, refreshed, even invented, so long as somewhere in it there was a message with movement.

Maybe, she thought, that’s at the heart of what storytelling is. ‘A message with movement.’ Catchy! Her fingers twitched over the backspace key. Crap. One more -ly for the list. There’s not a decent replacement for ‘catchy,’ though, unless I want to get all thesaurus…y. 

What the rabbit said

Basically. I’ve no excuses here, save that I broke the First Rule of ds106, which is DON’T GET BEHIND IN DS106! Part of that was family coming into town unexpectedly, part of it was the fact that I’m pretty terrible at managing my time and staying on top of my work. I suppose if there was a time to learn this lesson, it’s good that it was early on. I am fully prepared to run extra laps around the obstacle course and come back better, faster and stronger for next week. TEN-HUT!

Exactly what it says on the tin

Today’s Daily Create assignment was to capture a spinning object, something with motion-blur or frozen in its spin. I have a thing that was made for spinning. Literally. Here’s a spinning spindle:

Spinning Spindle

Okay, not exactly my most inspired title, but they can’t all be winners. In all honesty I’m getting quite frustrated with my current lack of tech. I loaned my camera out to a friend who lives on the other side of the country, so for the foreseeable future I’m stuck with only my cell phone camera (which for some reason REFUSES to upload photos to my computer via the handy little USB cable it came with) and my crappy webcam. This is maddeningly limiting in a creative sense, but I’m trying to roll with it, trying to see these limits like poetic forms–not constraints, but guidelines and structure.

That doesn’t really make up for the fact that the only mobile camera I have can’t zoom or upload photos, and my other one is bound to a wall socket. Bleh.

To  make up for this lameness, let me explain what the spinning thing in that photo actually is…


Our assignment this week was to create an animated gif image that showcased part of a favorite (or least favorite) movie. If this works, I’m…