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Tag: practice makes perfect

Rule Number 2

I have finally, fully embraced the First Rule of ds106: break the rules of ds106.

It’s that pesky second rule, what I like to call the Miss Frizzle Mantra, that caught up with me this past week. Ugh.

Blitzed out

I was a little worried about completing the 20-minute photo blitz since all I have in the way of a camera right now is the crappy little thing in my cell phone. It can’t even upload pictures directly to a computer without a bit of a backdoor hack.

While I know it’s the photographer who makes or breaks a photo, not the gear, I was still apprehensive (that’s one of those adages that’s easier to say than believe), but I found the time limit to be kind of liberating; it forced me to be as creative as possible and try a bunch of different shots, angles, compositions and light sources without worry about perfectionism because I simply didn’t have thetime. Ultimately I think some of these are up there with the best pictures I’ve ever taken.

Below is my favorite from the set, and the rest are under the cut. As with any art form, I’m always open to critique and criticism! Feel free to tell me what you think. : )


Create through the crap

I LOVED having the chance to listen to Ira Glass discuss his early work in radio, and then hear an example of how stilted and awkward he was even eight years into the business. What he said about beginning any creative endeavor with good taste, about knowing that the work you’re producing isn’t up to your own standards, really resonated with me. I dabble in all kinds of creative crafts–crochet, drawing, singing and songwriting, playing the guitar, photography, digital art, poetry and prose, even cooking–and in all of them I run across roadblocks when I look at what my favorite creators are producing and think, Look at this stuff I just made. It’s NEVER going to be as good as their stuff! or the even greater pitfall of, Why isn’t my stuff as good as their stuff right NOW? It’d take so much work to get there, I might as well stop trying.

EVERYTHING IS STORIES but actually wait this is difficult

As a caveat to my post last week about stories, storytelling, and how utterly rad crazy awesome DS106 and new media are in terms of discovering new ways to tell them, I wanted to ramble a little about how impossible storytelling can sometimes be.

I’m in a fiction writing class at the moment. Finally. After sticking to mostly poetry and lit classes for my entire college career. It’s a great class with a fantastic professor and we have really useful workshops, but I’m struggling. Part of that is definitely lack of practice, but a significant chunk of my stuck-ness is that fiction writing (or nonfiction… okay, prose) isn’t my strongest form.  I like new storytelling forms, ones that have pictures and sounds and clicky buttons. I like fanfiction, where you walk into the story already knowing and loving the characters and concepts, where you’re basically reading an individual’s personal exploration of stuff you really care about. I like Tumblr, where people tell their personal stories with gif images and wildly hyperbolic text. I LOVE (seriously. Like, will-legally-marry-when-they-pass-the-law L-O-V-E-LOVE) webcomics, because they are EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in a storytelling medium.

Short stories, though? Just text? A novel or novella-length book? While I will probably die with a book in my hands, creating something like that is insane.

What the rabbit said

Basically. I’ve no excuses here, save that I broke the First Rule of ds106, which is DON’T GET BEHIND IN DS106! Part of that was family coming into town unexpectedly, part of it was the fact that I’m pretty terrible at managing my time and staying on top of my work. I suppose if there was a time to learn this lesson, it’s good that it was early on. I am fully prepared to run extra laps around the obstacle course and come back better, faster and stronger for next week. TEN-HUT!


Our assignment this week was to create an animated gif image that showcased part of a favorite (or least favorite) movie. If this works, I’m…