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EVERYTHING IS STORIES but actually wait this is difficult

As a caveat to my post last week about stories, storytelling, and how utterly rad crazy awesome DS106 and new media are in terms of discovering new ways to tell them, I wanted to ramble a little about how impossible storytelling can sometimes be.

I’m in a fiction writing class at the moment. Finally. After sticking to mostly poetry and lit classes for my entire college career. It’s a great class with a fantastic professor and we have really useful workshops, but I’m struggling. Part of that is definitely lack of practice, but a significant chunk of my stuck-ness is that fiction writing (or nonfiction… okay, prose) isn’t my strongest form.  I like new storytelling forms, ones that have pictures and sounds and clicky buttons. I like fanfiction, where you walk into the story already knowing and loving the characters and concepts, where you’re basically reading an individual’s personal exploration of stuff you really care about. I like Tumblr, where people tell their personal stories with gif images and wildly hyperbolic text. I LOVE (seriously. Like, will-legally-marry-when-they-pass-the-law L-O-V-E-LOVE) webcomics, because they are EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in a storytelling medium.

Short stories, though? Just text? A novel or novella-length book? While I will probably die with a book in my hands, creating something like that is insane.